Hook Line and Stitches


This is my first blog so you may have to bear with me while I get the hang of it!  It all started with a crochet hook I found in a box, it had been given to me by my Aunty when I was about 10 when she tried to teach me how to crochet.  At the time I couldn’t get the hang of it so stuck with knitting squares, which ended up in some very strange shapes because I kept adding/losing stitches.  Anyhow I came across this hook and thought why not give it a go, so with a little help from you tube and the Annies attic website I figure it all out and haven’t stopped since!


I think I did it all backwards, I started with a wrap and moved on to jumpers and cardigans before I went back and did squares and blankets.  When I found out I was pregnant with my second little man I started making blankets and more blankets and more blankets…you get the idea so my hubby suggested I sell a few, now I have my own fb page set up at http://www.facebook.com/shellescozycrochet and an etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/shellescozycrochet  and I make all sorts of things.  


Once you get going with crochet you get hooked (or I did anyway) and I find myself looking at tops/bags/anything with crochet on in the shops and thinking oh yes this how thats made, I could make that easily…its an addiction really!  Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself, it keeps me busy and I enjoy it but it leads on to other things.  Once I started making bags I decided they needed lining so you don’t lose bits through the stitches which means I had to borrow a sewing machine from my mum, which then lead to me needing one for myself and now I find I have a couple of dress patterns that I want to try.  Well you can’t have a sewing machine just lying around not being used can you?

So that’s it, that where I started and where I am up to so far…I love getting new requests for things I haven’t tried before or as I have just done created a bolero for a friend to replace her old one that she has had for years but didn’t want to get rid of.  

I will try to keep my blog updated, its definitely on my list of things to do regularly now that I have it all set up so I hope you keep reading and find some of the things I say interesting.  If you are starting out yourself and need any tips just ask or if you want me to create something just for you then drop me a line.


Thanks for listening to my ramblings!



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