Busy Busy Busy…

I know I planned to post something at least once a week however I have been very busy! So its time to catch up a little.  I had a surprise trip to Devon at the end of June for my birthday, hubby decided to take me and our boys for an overnight stay at Lady’s mile caravan site in Dawlish, the weather was gorgeous and we all had a fantastic time 🙂

The trip down their was rather strange with our sat nav taking us down the tightest roads it could find for us!



But once we got there it was worth it and we even saw some little baby black swans 🙂 Dawlish has the only colony of black swans in the UK

ImageSince then I have been playing catch up with lots of orders for friends, they all saw my satchel and wanted their own versions.  Each one has been different and it has definitely kept me busy 





Then a little on the side leading from the roses, I moved onto butterflies which I made into bobbles for some little girls



And I have made 2 hats which should be getting picked up on Thursday…





So as you can see, I have been busy busy busy!! I have 2 more bags to make yet too! 







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