There are so many beautiful crochet things out there at the moment I just cannot seem to decide what to try next! Between pintrest, Facebook and various blogs there are just so many ideas floating around my head that I can’t seem to get them down fast enough and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to try them all!

So I was wondering, how do you all decide what to try next? Do you look for something that can be made from your stash of yarn or something brand new so that you can go shopping for new yarns? Do you find inspiration strikes while you are in the middle of a project? Do you keep a journal of your ideas so that you can come back to them later?

I try to keep a pad close by at all times because I never know when a new idea is going to come to me. Last week I was asked to keep some small jars for my niece for her wedding when the idea struck that they would be pretty with little cotton covers. This ended up with me scribbling some little ideas and coming up with a few filet patterns for the jars I had a bit of cotton lying around so tried a little prototype of one and this is what I came up with


It needs a little work but as a quick project while the idea was in many head it looks ok.

I also found a little flower pattern on pintrest (i think) and thought they were pretty so i made a few up and decided they would look nice on a headband


Which got me thinking about other headbands


And all this while still working on the floaty cardigans I blogged about earlier, which my friends seem to have gone a bit mad over!


I am also trying to work out this pattern…


It is one I was sent by a fellow crocheter but I am not very experienced with charts so I am slowly figuring it out and writing it down so that I can try it out when I have finished the other cardigans.

I also have some ideas for bags for the summer floating around in my head that I am trying to get down before they disappear again, so as you can see there is so much inspiration floating around that I am struggling to keep up especially as I only get a couple of hours a day to do some crocheting.

I am also trying to blog a little more as I always seem to forget to keep you updated on what I am up to but I promise to try harder.

Happy crocheting everyone


Hippy chicks…

Good evening all,

I know I haven’t blogged for a while but I have been super busy between looking after my boys and making lots of these…


This gorgeous hippy cardigan is from an old pattern (not sure when it was first printed) but has been given a revamp with some gorgeous multi colours. I have been making them with king cole riot yarn. It is lovely and soft and the colours are just striking. So far I have made 4, all in different riot colours and I love them all.




I have a few more to do before I get to do one for me so hopefully by then I may actually be able to make a decision and choose a colour!

The pattern can be found with instructions here

Happy Hooking all 🙂